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The 10 Minute Teacher Podcast: Your Coffee Break PD Teacher Podcast

Hey, awesome educators! Got a quick 10 minutes? That's all you need to squeeze in some quality professional development with the 10 Minute Teacher podcast. A quick gulp of coffee and a hearty dose of inspiration make for a perfect combo, don't they?

This teacher podcast brings you the freshest insights, innovative strategies, and heartwarming stories from remarkable educators (just like you!) around the globe. And the best part? It all happens in just 10 minutes – because we know that even superheroes like you are racing against the clock.

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Join our teaching tribe and subscribe today and tune in every Monday at 9am for a new episode. Let's turn those fleeting minutes into a chance for growth, camaraderie, and a few chuckles. Who knew PD could fit snugly between attendance and correcting papers?

Just remember – you're not just a teacher. You're a meaning-maker, a future-builder, and the only one who can raise and eyebrow and quiet a classroom. Make your time matter with 10 Minute Teacher Podcast. See you in your earbuds soon!

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Hey, fellow educators! You're in good company as you listen to the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast. As of July 2023, our class has grown to include listeners in 194 countries! Together, we've hit play on 806 episodes over 6.7 million times. That's more clicks than a year's worth of lesson plans!

Each episode invites 10,000 to 20,000 curious minds (like yours!) on a 10-minute adventure into the world of innovative teaching. 

Our roster of remarkable guests make each episode a treasure trove of insights and inspiration.

We promise it's more fun than a spelling bee and definitely warmer than the teachers' lounge coffee. Welcome to '10 Minute Teacher', where PD meets your coffee break!

Can I Get Credit for Listening to Teacher Podcasts?

At the present time, some schools, districts, and organizations allow credit for listening to podcasts. With this in mind, you can use the Podcast PD Template Hyperdoc. Being that some schools don't allow Podcast PD, you can still make a copy and adapt it for your use or print it. If you don't have Google Docs, use this PDF.

How can I suggest a guest for the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast?

If you've ever listened to an episode of '10 Minute Teacher' and thought, ‘I know someone who would be perfect for this!‘, I'm all ears.

Interesting guests are what make the show exciting, and I'm always on the lookout for fresh, practical voices from the frontlines of education. Whether it's a classroom teacher with innovative teaching strategies, an administrator championing change, or a researcher turning theory into real classroom practice, we'd all love to hear their stories.

Please, feel free to recommend guests who inspire you – it's one of the best ways you can contribute to our show. Just remember, no spammers, please. I'm looking for authentic, passionate contributors who can help our listeners make a difference in their classrooms.

It's just me, Vicki Davis, @coolcatteacher, vetting and managing guests now. So, rest assured, your suggestion will go straight to the host's desk! Let's continue to spotlight the diverse and impactful voices of educators on '10 Minute Teacher'. Thank you for being part of the podcast community. Contact me.

How do you record the podcast?

Learn about the equipment we use for the show.

Here at the '10 Minute Teacher', it's all in the family! Our podcast is a labor of love, initially produced by my husband, Kip, for the first 500 episodes, and now continued by our son, John. We're balancing notebooks and mixing boards just like us teachers balance lesson plans and home life. This cozy setup lets us flexibly record, even at educational events where I'm speaking, or for a live audience – turning any place into a classroom! I've loved this journey and look forward to sharing more in the years to come.

What topics will I hear on the 10 Minute Teacher?

Who is Vicki Davis, host of the podcast?

Hello fellow educators! I'm Vicki Davis, your classroom teacher host of the '10 Minute Teacher' podcast. Coming into my 22nd year of teaching, I've been involved in education since 2002, blogging since 2005, and podcasting since 2006. I believe that every teacher has a story to tell, and I am passionate about bringing those stories to you.

In the past, I've had the privilege to host some fantastic shows like ‘Women of Web 2' and ‘Every Classroom Matters'. These experiences sparked a desire to keep the conversation going, leading to the creation of '10 Minute Teacher', which I started with my husband, Kip. Now our son John has taken over the reins as producer, and we've journeyed through more than 805 episodes together.

My mission is to make this podcast a quick, practical resource that fits into the busy schedule of every teacher. We celebrate real classroom stories, practical tips, and innovative ideas from teachers just like you.

If you're a teacher with a story that could inspire others, or a fellow education podcaster, I'd love to hear from you. But if you're a business looking to reach our fantastic community of educators, consider supporting us as an advertiser.

You can learn more about me at www.coolcatteacher.xyz. I'm also @coolcatteacher on most social media platforms, though you'll catch me sharing my thoughts most often on Twitter. So, whether it's in the classroom, on the blog, or through the podcast, let's continue learning and growing together. I want to be helpful and am excited about another season of the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast!

10-Minute Teacher Podcast Archive

To be helpful, here's a table of past episodes. You can sort and view it to find what you need. Wait for it to load.


10 minute teacher podcast with cool cat teacher

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Season 1

These episodes were typed on the page manually. Use the database above to search and find exactly the episode you want!

Summer Encore Episodes

ENCORE Episode Angela Watson discusses 5 Ways to Maximize Your Summer 07/05/2017
ENCORE Episode Angela Stockman talks about How to Create a Summer Writing Notebook #flaneur 07/03/2017
#110 TOP EPISODE: 5 Easy Brain Breaks (Encore) with Rob Donatelli 06/30/2017
ENCORE Episode with Dan Meyer Helping Kids Who Hate Math Learn It re-released 06/29/2017

Summer at ISTE 2017

ISTE #108 Amazon Alexa in the Classroom #iste17 with Bill Selak 06/28/2017
ISTE #107  Trends at #ISTE17: Google, Touch Screen Chromebooks and More with Kasey Bell 6/27/2017
ISTE #106 Unified Classroom Makes a Teacher's Life Easier with Hardeep Gulati  06/26/2017
ISTE #105 5 Ways to Participate in #ISTE17 even if you're not there #notatiste17 with Peggy George
ISTE #104 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of #iste17 with Terry Freedman 06/22/2017

Season 1 Week 21

#103 TOP EPISODE Social Emotional learning with Puppets (Encore)
#102 iPads in Kindergarten (Encore Episode: 10MT Best of Season1) #edtech June 20, 2017
#101 TOP SHOW: Jim Forde You're the Teacher (Encore Episode) June 19, 2017
#100 5 Ways to Maximize Your Summer with Angela Watson 06/16/2017

Season 1 Week 20

#99 Creating a Summer Writing Notebook with Angela Stockman  6/15/2017
#98 Vicki Davis reflects on The Most Remarkable Thing 6/14/2017
#97 Google Classroom: Top New Features to Learn Over the Summer with Alice Keeler 6/13/2017
#96 Go Bold School: Old School + Blended Learning with Weston Kieschnick 6/12/2017

Season 1 Week 19

#95 5 Ways to Connect with Your Students Over the Summer Connie Hamilton 6/09/2017
#94 The Vocabulary Doctors: How to Teach Vocabulary Kimberly Tyson and Angela Peery 6/08/2017
#93 An Australian Math Classroom with iPads with Tom Davison 6/07/2017
#92 Quizziz: Say Goodbye to Worksheets and Crosswords Jon Corripo 6/06/2017
#91 What They Don't Tell You About Teaching Vicki Davis 6/05/2017

Season 1 Week 18

#90 5 Ideas to Build Your Personal Brand This Summer 6/02/2017
#89 Alan November Shares A Mind Blowing New Idea in Assessment 6/01/2017
#88 Promoting Academic Discourse in the ESL Classroom with Gretzeel Mojica 5/31/2017
#87 3 Teacher Money Making Opportunities Using Technology Jessica Gordon 5/30/2017
#86 How Do Kids Learn and Remember? #motivationMonday Andrew Stadel 5/29/2017

Season 1 Week 17

#85 5 Fantastic Peer Feedback Strategies for Your Classroom Starr Sackstein 5/26/2017
#84 How to Help Kids in Poverty Succeed in Life and Learning with Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach 5/25/2017
#83  App Smashing with Kindergarteners & Carrie Willis 5/24/2017
#82 iPads in Kindergarten: Creating, Innovating and Learning with Caitlin Arakawa 5/23/2017
#81 Learning First, Technology Second #motivationmonday Liz Kolb 5/22/2017

Season 1 Week 16

#80 Ramona Persaud with 5 Ways to Teach How the Brain Learns 5/19/2017
#79 Trish Rubin discusses Building Your School and Personal Brand 5/18/2017
#78 Angela Watson with A Stress Free Plan for Closing Out Your Classroom 5/17/2017
#77 Breakout EDU Digital is Awesome (and Free) Mari Venturino 5/16/2017
#76 Understanding the Heart of Dyslexia and Special Needs #MondayMotivation Melissa Raguet-Schofield 5/15/2017

Season 1 Week 15

#75 The 5 Essential Questions of Life with Dean James Ryan 5/12/2017
#74 How Do We Make Homework Worth It? with Matt Miller 5/11/2017
#73 Paul Solarz and His Student Centered Classroom 5/10/2017
#72 How to Use Google Keep in the Classroom with Crystal Koenig 5/09/2017
#71 5 Ways to Energize Yourself for Great Teaching Every Day #MondayMotivation with Mark Eichenlaub 5/08/2017

Season 1 Week 14

#70 5 Simple Ways to Improve Physical Education w/ Edtech with Jarrod Robinson 5/5/2017
#69 Dan Meyer talks about Helping Kids Who Hate Math Learn It 5/4/2017
#68 Kitty Tripp shares Wonderful Word Problem Breakthroughs 5/3/2017
#67 Matthew Farber talks about Game Based Learning and Twine 5/2/2017
#66 How to Make it to the End of the School Year #MondayMotivation with Vicki Davis 5/1/2017

Season 1 Week 13

#65 5 Mistakes that Schools Do That Hurt Standardized Test Scores Dr. Brad Johnson 4/28/2017
#64 Fast Problem Solving and Innovation with Hack Learning Mark Barnes 4/27/2017
#63 Teaching CyberSecurity to Empower Students and Schools to Be Safe Dr. David Raymond 4/26/2017
#62 Special Needs #edtech treasure chest with Jennifer Cronk 4/25/2017
#61 Combating Emotional Fatigue: A Teacher's occupational Hazard with Joan Flaherty 4/24/2014

Season 1 Week 12

#60 5 Easy Brain Breaks for Your Classroom with Rob Donatelli 4/21/2017
#59 Successful Digital Parenting with Weston Kesichnick 4/20/2017
#58 How the African STEP Dance Ignited Kids at Ron Clark Academy  Junior Bernadin at Ron Clark Academy 4/19/2017
#57 Richard Byrne's Most Exciting #Edtech Tools 4/18/2017
#56 Motivating Special Needs Breakthroughs with Jennifer Cronk 4/17/2017

Season 1 Week 11

#55 5 Things Every Digital Citizen Should Know with Alice Chen 04/14/2017
#54 8 Tips for Better Classroom Procedures (in a STEAM Lab)  with Vicki Davis 04/13/2017
#53 Karen McCallum talks about Social Emotional Learning for Special Needs with Puppets #spedchat  04/12/2017
#52 Aurasma and Augmented Reality in the Classroom with Dr. Tim Green 4/11/2017
#51 When Kindness goes Viral with Will Parker 4/10/2017

Season 1 Week 10

#50 5 Ways to Get a Laugh in Your Classroom with Vicki Davis ‏ 4/07/2017
#49 Sylvia Martinez: 3 Mistakes Teachers Make About Tinkering 4/06/2017
#48 Felicia Casto’s Exceptional Elementary Math Classroom 4/05/2017
#47 Epic Classroom Blogging with Elementary Students with Rayna Freedman 4/04/2017
#46 How Vulnerability Can Make Your Classroom a Better Place with Michelle Cotrelle-Williams 4/03/2017

Season 1 Week 9

#45 5 Ideas to Connect with Classrooms with TW Williamson 3/31/2017
#44 Larry Ferlazzo's Thoughts on Classroom Management 3/30/2017
#43 Successfully Integrating Language Arts and #STEM with Candace Hisey 3/29/2017
#42 Making Music with iPads and #edtech with Justin Kamp 3/28/2017
#41 How to Unleash Genius in Kids and Teachers with Angela Maiers 3/27/2017

Season 1 Week 8

#40 5 Ideas to Improve Rural Education in America with Daisy Dyer Duerr 3/24/2017
#39 Eric Sheninger Talks About Digital Pedagogy That Improves Learning  3/23/2017
#38 Effective Student Led Language Conferences with Laura Penrod Stock 3/22/2017
#37 Formative Assessment Tools and Tips with Monica Burns 3/21/2017
#36 Give Kids What they Deserve #MondayMotivation with Adam Welcome 3/20/2017

Season 1 Week 7

#35 Josh Sowash gives us 5 Ideas to Amp up the Chromebook classroom 3/17/2017
#34 How Perla Zamora and Her students in Mexico are Tearing Down Walls  3/16/2017
#33 Language teacher Rachelle Dene Poth talks about powerful language learning in the 21st century 3/15/2017
#32 Math teacher Chris Smith gives us Epic Ways to Celebrate Pi Day  3/14/2017
#31 Kevin Honeycutt Inspires Us to Reach Troubled Kids In Poverty 3/13/2017

Season 1 Week 6

#30 Alex Corbitt on 5 Ideas to Level Up Language Arts for 5 Idea Friday 3/10/2017
#29 Steven Anderson on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in the Classroom for Thought Leader Thursday 3/9/2017
#28 Kyle Taylor on Saving Big Money with iPads and Google Classroom for Wonderful Wednesday 3/8/2017
#27 Suzy Lolley about Creating Elementary Portfolios with Seesaw  for Tech Tool Tuesday 3/7/2017
#26 Josh Harris on How to Have an Attitude to Try New Things on #MondayMotivation 3/6/2017

Season 1 Week 5

#25: Aaron Sams on 5 Ideas to Master Technology and not let it master you for 5 Idea Friday 3/3/17
#24: Anael Alston on “The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations” for Thought-Leader Thursday 3/2/17
#23: Micki Uppena on Creating a Student Centered Library Where Kids Love to Learn for Wonderful Wednesday 3/1/17
#22: Chad Lehman What to buy for your maker space for Tech Tool Tuesday 2/28/17
#21: Todd Nesloney on Reaching Struggling Kids for #MondayMotivation 2/27/17

Season 1 Week 4

#20: 5 Technologies You've Got to Try in 2017 with Jennifer Gonzalez #5ideaFriday 2/24/17
#19: Digital Learning Day: The Research on Social Media Learning with Laura Pasquini for Thought Leader Thursday 2/23/17
#18: The Lemonade War that Motivated a Whole School to Read with Ryan Kaczmark 2/22/17
#17: Microsoft One Note: Useful Tips and Tricks for the Classroom with Dr. Tom Grissom 2/21/17
#16: Dave Burgess on Student Engagement #tlap 2/20/17

Season 1 Week 3

#15: 5 Simple Ways to Gamify Your Classroom with Jessica Gordon 2/17/17
#14: To Stand Against Bullying, Mr. Hadley Shaves His Head with Principal Tim Hadley 2/16/17
#13: Tackling Behavior Problems by Acting Out Negative Stereotypes in the School Perfect Project with teacher Todd Clinton 2/15/17
#12: 31 Favorite Everyday Tech Tools: Solo episode where Vicki Davis shares her favorite tools of the day 2/14/17
#11: A Song for Teachers by Jim Forde, “You're the Teacher” from teacher Jim Forde 2/13/17

Season 1 Week 2

#10: 5 Ideas for Improving Student Writing with Jennifer Serravallo 2/10/17
#09: 5 Things That Harm a Student's Ability to Succeed with Dr. Brad Johnson 2/9/17
#08: The #BreakoutEDU Box: the Teaching Experience That Has Everybody Talking with Adam Bellow 2/8/17
#07: Getting Started Using Twitter for Educational Excellence with Billy Krakower 2/7/17
#06: The 6 Most Motivating Sketchnotes in Education Today with Sylvia Duckworth 2/6/17

Season 1 Week 1

#05: 5 Ideas for Using Game-Based Learning in Your Classroom Today with Michael Matera 2/3/17
#04: Simple Ways to Find Your Teaching Blindspots in the Classroom with David Geurin 2/2/17
#03: Science Kits with Love from Kansas to Haiti with Matthew Clay 2/1/17
#02: Secrets for Teaching Great Writing in the Classroom by Using Peer Review with Jennifer Burgin 2/1/17
#01: Awesome Apps for iPads in the Elementary Classroom with Karen Lirenman and Kristen Wideen 2/1/17

Episode 00: Sue and Mrs Scruggs (and About this Podcast)

If you're looking for the 301 episodes of my previous show, Every Classroom Matters, you can find the archive here.

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