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Chromebooks are becoming very popular in schools. First, remember that you need good wifi and a Google account.

The technology is changing rapidly. For example, in summer 2017, some touchscreen Chromebooks were announced. Even so, it may take a while for the apps to catch up with the touch screen features.

So, if you’re shopping, Amazon has a great Chromebook buying guide. You can start there.

If you’re wanting my advice on apps and extensions, here are my most popular posts about Chromebooks:

In my opinion, books can be a great resource if you need to get started quickly. To get started, I recommend The Chromebook Classroom by John Sowash. If you want to know the latest apps and tools, check out Alice Keeler’s books on Google Apps.

Once you have your Chromebook, you should definitely install Extensity. It is free. This handy app lets you turn off and on the other extensions. Sometimes when someone has too many extensions installed in Chrome, it can slow it down.  Nonetheless, we shouldn’t prevent students and teachers from installing extensions. Just learn to turn them on and off with Extensity. (See my tutorial.)

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