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USA Today Edtech Insert January 1, 2022

USA Today Edtech Insert January 1, 2022

Vicki Davis is a full-time classroom teacher.
  1. Get the newsletter. More than 10,000 educators subscribe to the Cool Cat Teacher weekly newsletter. Sign up and you'll get content for teachers that Vicki doesn't share anywhere else including freebies and the latest technology news as well as notice of free webinars and giveaways.
  2. Listen to the 10-Minute Teacher.  The 10-Minute Teacher is designed to be a quick but powerful listen on the hottest topics in education today. Every weekday (taking a few weeks for school holidays. Subscribe on iTunes or search the archives of more than 800 back episodes of the show for the topic you need.
  3. Need a speaker? Since 2006, Vicki has spoken at districts, education conferences, and events around the world. See her speaking topics. Vicki still teaches full time, so she usually has time for 4-5 major events a year. She has spoken at Harvard, Princeton, Google, Microsoft and around the world at major national and international technology events. Each keynote is customized to the event. The biggest draw is that Vicki is a practicing classroom teacher who is using tools like Artificial Intelligence to teach every day.
  4. Some productivity tools. I have some productivity tools for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers and here on this site.
  5. Want to learn how to connect and collaborate? Reinventing Writing and Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds are leading-edge books for busy teachers and  10 Habits of Bloggers that Win is given free to those who sign up for email newsletter. Check out the productivity book, Do What Matters.
  6. Need an interview? Vicki works to make time to help reporters, podcasters, and others who need a quick conversation and ideas.
Speaking to Georgia legislators about the importance of collaboration and design thinking in the classroom.
Speaking to Georgia legislators about the importance of collaboration and design thinking in the classroom.

If you have something else in mind other than this contact me above. 

May this blog be a blessing and encouragement to you on your journey to be a remarkable educator. May what you find here to be helpful, true, and clear. May you take the time to be wildly helpful to other educators who come your way and may we all be especially encouraging and helpful to beginners of all kinds, especially our students and beginning educators. As we work together, we can improve our world by being remarkable educators.

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It was awesome to see Yong Zhao in Alaska in 2015. My students did some collaborating in OBA world a few years back on a project and enjoyed it!
It was awesome to see Yong Zhao in Alaska in 2015. We were both keynoting the edtech conference there. One of my favorite things about traveling is learning from those I meet on the journey.

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